expands: Formula One

Posted on Feb 21, 2019 8:30 AM   by dspenkel

We proudly announce a new game. Formula One!

In this new game, you have to finish every race as high as possible by predicting duels and podium places.

For every race, all drivers are grouped by Sportpools into duels. For the first two races there are only duels between teammates. After that we will vary and the duels will be determined based on the World Cup classification. It is up to you to pick the winning driver for each duel. You then earn points if your chosen driver actually wins his duel. The number of points that can be earned differs per driver and is strongly affected by the World Cup ranking.

In addition to duels, you also have to predict the podium. When predicting you may enter one driver more than once. To you to make a strategic choice. Take full risk and go for 100% points by filling in three different drivers or be satisfied with less points by filling in the same driver on all podium positions.

Race classification
The points you achieve with your predictions do not count directly for the game, but are first converted into a race classification of 1-20. For your race classifications you will then earn the same number of points that drivers earn for their race classification. So 25 points if you 'win' the race, 18 points if you end up 'second' and so on to 1 point for the 10th place. Converting your prediction points into a race classification is done as follows:

A ranking is made based on prediction points. If you are in the top one percent of all valid predictions, then you win the race and get 25 points. If you are not in the top one percent, but still in the top three percent, then you finish second and get 18 points. The complete conversion is shown in the following table.

Ranking prediction points *Ranking racePoints
Best 1%Race winner25
Next 2%Place 218
Next 3%Place 315
Next 4%Place 412
Next 5%Place 510
Next 5%Place 68
Next 5%Place 76
Next 5%Place 84
Next 5%Place 92
Next 5%Place 101
Next 6%Place 110
Next 6%Place 120
Next 6%Place 130
Next 6%Place 140
Next 6%Place 150
Next 6%Place 160
Next 6%Place 170
Next 6%Place 180
Next 6%Place 190
Next 6%Place 200
Incomplete race formNo ranking0
* % can be higher in case of equal prediction points

LIVE updates
Unique in this game is that we will check your predictions and update your race rankings during the race. For this, you only have to go to your prediction page after the start of the race. As soon as we enter a new result during the race, your predictions are almost instantly converted into a new race classification and this is automatically updated in your browser. So it seems like you are participating in the race yourself.

Important dates
We open the game on Monday 25 February. The first race is held in Australia and starts at 06:10 in the morning (Dutch time). The qualify is scheduled on Saturday 16 March at 07:00 in the morning (Dutch time). Make sure you have registered before this time. It is also possible to register later, but then you may have missed important points.

Have fun and success with this new game!