Game Rules

On this page you will find the general rules of Sportpools. You can use the menu to view the rules of our games. If you have questions, you can search our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us via the contact form.

1. Free Signup

Participation in Sportpools is free. The only thing you need is a valid email address.

2. One account per user

It is forbidden to participate in Sportpools with multiple accounts. A user can only create one account per email address. If we notice that a user has multiple accounts, all accounts of that person will be deleted.

3. Subleagues

Sportpools offers the possibility to battle with a group of people (friends, colleagues, family, etc.) in a subleague. A subleague can be public or private. A public subleague is accessible for everyone. A private subleague is secured with a password.

A participant can subscribe to an unlimited number of subleagues.

Note During the registration period of a pool, you need to declare in which subleagues you want to play. This can be all of your subleagues, but also a part of your subleagues. You can declare this on your team page as long as the deadline has not passed yet. When the pool has started, subleagues can not be changed anymore.

The score for a subleague is the same for all pools. The score is determined by summing the five highest scores within a subleague.

4. Prizes

You can win prizes by participating in promotional subleagues. With these subleagues Sportpools adheres to Dutch Code of Conduct for promotional games of chance . Because of the existence of a sport totalisator, cash prizes are not allowed yet. Our current offer of promotional subleagues can be found on our subleagues overview page .

5. Career

Sportpools offers the possibility to build a career per sport. All results of participated pools are tracked, this way you can find them back later.

One of the goals of the game of Sportpools is to achieve as many trophies as you can. Each pool has his own unique trophy, which you gain by ending up in the top three of the overall standings. The trophies can be found on your account page.

Career points
For each pool you can earn career points. Career points are scored based on your performances (see rules per sport). This way a career ranking can be determined per sport. After each pool, we reduce career points earned in previous editions of the pool by 10%. So past results are less important each year.

6. Year Standings

Besides the career ranking, a year ranking is made based on the career points scored in that year. These career points will reset at the beginning of the year.

7. Doping

If an athlete is caught of doping, earned points will NOT be diminished.