Formula One 2021

Formula One 2021 game

  • Mar 27, 2021 - Dec 12, 2021
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  • Last update December 30, 2021 12:18 PM

Game rules

On this page you will find the rules of our formula one game. If you have questions, you can search our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us via the contact form.

1. Predictions

In our formula one game you try to earn as many points as possible by predicting driver duels and podium finishes. Duels
For each race Sportpools groups all drivers into duels. For the first two races duels are ony between teammates. Starting from third race duels are determined based on the World Cup classification. It is up to you to predict the winning driver for each duel. You then earn points if your chosen driver actually wins the duel. The number of points that can be earned differs per driver and is strongly affected by the World Cup ranking.

Extra points can be earned by correctly predicting the podium places.

Deadline for predicting
You can change your predictions until one second before the start of the qualification.

Complete your race form
Only completed race forms are valid. If you have not predicted a duel or podium place, then your race form will be declared invalid and you will not earn points.

Driver not starting
If a driver is replaced by another driver, we will change the duel of the driver being replaced and all predictions made on this driver are removed. If you have predicted the non-starting driver as the winner in a duel or on the podium, then you will have to fill in this prediction again. If there is no replacement for the non-starting driver, then his duel will be canceled and no points will be given for that duel.

For the scoring, we distinguish between prediction points and race points.

Prediction points
You get prediction points for the correct prediction of duels and podium. The scoring is as follows:

Winner duel correctly predicted *10 to 90
Winner race correctly predicted50
Second place correctly predicted30
Third place correctly predicted20

* According to official result. If both drivers have no classification, then duel is won by driver with most laps completed. If same number of laps completed, then duel is won by driver with best starting position.

Race points
Your prediction points are converted into race points. Only these points count towards the final game ranking. The conversion of prediction points into race points is as follows:

A ranking is made based on prediction points. If you are in the top one percent of all valid predictions, then you win the race and get 25 points. If you are not in the top one percent, but still in the top three percent, then you finish second and get 18 points. The complete conversion is shown in the following table.

Ranking prediction points *Ranking racePoints
Best 1%Race winner25
Next 2%Place 218
Next 3%Place 315
Next 4%Place 412
Next 5%Place 510
Next 5%Place 68
Next 5%Place 76
Next 5%Place 84
Next 5%Place 92
Next 5%Place 101
Next 6%Place 110
Next 6%Place 120
Next 6%Place 130
Next 6%Place 140
Next 6%Place 150
Next 6%Place 160
Next 6%Place 170
Next 6%Place 180
Next 6%Place 190
Next 6%Place 200
Incomplete race formNo ranking0

* % can be higher in case of equal prediction points

Your forecast points and race points are updated during a race. The game standings will be updated as soon as the race results are official.

After a game has finished you earn career points for racing. These points are calculated as follows:

5 times ( X+1 - overall-ranking) / X
Multiplied by
(X - overall-ranking) / X, where
X = total number of participants of the pool.
overall-ranking = overall ranking in the final standings.

So the number of career points you earn depends on the number of participants and your position in the final ranking.