Women's world cup soccer 2019

Women's world cup soccer 2019 game

  • Jun 7, 2019 - Jul 7, 2019
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  • Last update July 7, 2019 6:23 PM

Game rules

On this page you will find the rules of our soccer games. If you have questions, you can search our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us via the contact form.

1. Predictions

In our soccer games, you do not select a team of soccer players, but you try to earn as many points as possible by predicting match results, predicting the champion and carefully choosing a loser team.

Match results
After you registered for a game, you will receive a personal page on which you can predict all match results. You can submit / change your prediction up to 1 second before the start of a match.

Champion prediction
In addition to predicting match results, you can earn points by correctly predicting the champion. You can submit / change your champion prediction until game registration closes.

Loser team
For each tournament phase (e.g. group, semi-finals, final), you can choose one team as a loser team. You earn points for each goal scored against your loser team in regular playing time. You can submit / change your loser team until the start of the first game of a phase.

Match results
You can earn the following points by predicting match results:

Match Points (after 90 minutes)
Toto and result correct
(example: prediction 3-0, result 3-0)
Toto correct
(example: prediction 2-2, result 1-1)
Group match 100 points 70 points
Eighth final 150 points 110 points
Quarter final 150 points 110 points
Semi final 200 points 150 points
Final / third place match 200 points 150 points

Champion prediction
If you predicted champion correctly, you earn 250 points.

Loser team
You can select one team as loser team in each tournament phase (e.g. semi-finals, final). During a tournament phase, you earn 20 points for every goal scored against your loser team in regular playing time.

Points are updated daily.

After a game has finished you earn career points for soccer. These points are calculated as follows:

5 times ( X+1 - overall-ranking) / X
Multiplied by
(X - overall-ranking) / X, where
X = total number of participants of the pool.
overall-ranking = overall ranking in the final standings.

So the number of career points you earn depends on the number of participants and your position in the final ranking.