WC Darts 2022

WC Darts 2022 game

  • Dec 15, 2021 - Jan 3, 2022
  • 313 signups
  • Last update February 5, 2022 7:48 PM

Game rules

On this page you will find the rules of our darts game. If you have questions, you can search our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us via the contact form.

1. Team selection

A team consists of 15 darts players. 14 normal darts players and 1 loser.

Black points
Each darts player has a number of black points, varying from zero to five. The black points are assigned based on the seeded number of the darts player. A team can have a maximum of 20 black points.

The loser
The loser is a special darts player in your team. This darts player scores penalty points that are subtracted from your total score (see score). When you decide to choose a loser with black points, these black points can be spend extra on your other darts players.

Example: Darts player X has 3 black points and is chosen as a loser. 20 + 3 = 23 black points are now available for the remaining darts players.

Reserve darts players
You may select up to 8 reserve darts players. By selecting reserves, we can make your team valid in case of last-minute withdrawals. It is advised to choose reserves with various black points.

Besides picking 15 darts players, you also have 3 darts. These darts can be given to players until the start of the final. You will receive bonus points if the player wins the tournament (see scoring). You may give multiple darts to the same player.

Basic points
A darts player earns points for each round qualified. The number of points depends on the black points of the darts player. The formula is 10 minus the number of black points. A darts player with 5 black points earns 10-5 = 5 points per round. A darts player without black points earns 10 points per round. From round four, points are doubled. So a darts player with 5 black points does not earn 5, but 10 points for each victory from 4th round onwards. A darts player without black points earns 20 points from 4th round onwards.

Points scored by your loser are subtracted from your total score. For each round your loser qualifies, you lose 10 points up to 3rd round and 20 points from 4th round onwards. And you lose another 50 points if your loser wins the tournament.

First round byes
32 seeded darts players have a bye in the first round. You also get points for these byes. This also applies to the loser. If you choose a seeded darts player as loser, you automatically lose 10 points.

Before the start of the tournament you get 3 darts with a starting value of 60 points each. As soon as the pool registration closes, the value drops to 58 points. The value then drops further by 2 points per day. You can give your darts to any darts player at any moment. If the darts player wins the tournament, you will receive bonus points equal to the value of the dart. You will not lose points if the darts player does not win the tournament.

Examples value darts
If pool registration closes on 13 December 1:00 PM, the value of a dart is still 60 points on 13 December 00:59 PM. At 1:01 PM the value drops to 58 points and on 23 December 1:01 PM, the value is only 38 points.

Points are updated daily.

After a game has finished you earn career points for darts. These points are calculated as follows:

5 times ( X+1 - overall-ranking) / X
Multiplied by
(X - overall-ranking) / X, where
X = total number of participants of the pool.
overall-ranking = overall ranking in the final standings.

So the number of career points you earn depends on the number of participants and your position in the final ranking.