Sportpools goes abroad and more updates

Posted on Jan 19, 2014 2:27 PM   by dspenkel

Today is the big day! Sportpools has been translated into English.
You can set the language through the flags in the top menu.

Today's update also includes the following changes:

Migration from Bootstrap 2.0 to 3.0
Sportpools was using bootstrap 2.0. Since today we are using version 3.0. This allows us to make the site even more suitable for mobile devices and the site has been given a flatter appearance.

New career standings
The career calculation has been adjusted to reflect a better view. The new career calculation can be found in the rules. We have recalculated career scores of played pools. This resulted in new career standings.

Automatically linking subleague to pool
When you now first sign up for a pool and then join a subleague, the subleague will automatically be linked to the pool. Previously, this was not the case.

Changing e-mail address
We have added a page where you can change your e-mail address.

Enjoy our renewed site and feel free to ask any questions by using our contact form,

Sportpools Crew

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