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Posted on 29 Nov. 2018 09:17   by aart

A long-cherished wish comes true. Who does not know it? The long tables, the walk-ons, the fans and the fantastic atmosphere. The PDC World Championship at Alexandra Palace is the biggest darts tournament during the last month of the year. And we are there! For dart fans there is now a pool of the PDC World Championship every year. The rules are simple:

- choose 14 darters
- choose 1 darter as loser
- put your three darts at any time


You have 20 blacklist points available. With the 14 darters you earn points, every round that a darter continues to earn points. A loser earns points in the form of penalty points. However, a loser with black list points ensures that you can use those black list points extra for your other 14 darters. The three darts can be used at any time to earn bonus points.

Go to for a complete overview of the rules. The pool counts for the Sportpooler classification of the year 2019, so do not miss it. The registration for the first edition starts on 29 November.

Let's play darts!

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